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Start your journey with me and discover your optimal health and wellbeing.

I offer a variety of bespoke programmes to suit you. We achieve results with my clients by working together for a longer period of time therefore I offer 10-week packages. The programmes are catered to your individual needs taking into account the complexity of your health issues, your goals and the level of support you may need. The packages I offer start from £375.


Initial Consultation 

After booking your initial one-to-one consultation with me at my clinic or via Skype/Zoom, you will be asked to fill out a 3-day food diary and a general health questionnaire which you will need to return prior to  the consultation. During the consultation, we will talk about any health concerns you may have, your medical and family history and dietary and lifestyle habits. We will establish any possible nutritional imbalances and deficiencies and together we will develop a protocol that best suits your needs and fits in with your lifestyle.


What is included in your package?


  • In-depth Health Assessment
  • Functional or GP Tests recommendations and analysis
  • Supplementation plan
  • Food recommendations
  • Coaching and motivational support
  • Detailed menu planning (higher programmes only)
  • Email and telephone contact in-between the consultations (higher programmes only)


If you are ready to take that first step to the life full of energy, vitality and optimal health, I am looking forward to speaking to you. Please book your free phone call with me by clicking the button below.